Wednesday, January 23, 2013

20 Days of Gold Making – Day 6

20 Days of Gold Making – Day 6

Thanks to Nev of Auction House Addict for coming up with this idea.

Which market has made you the most gold over the years?

Without a doubt the most profitable market for me was the glyph market. When glyphs were first introduced I was in at the beginning. I have made hundreds of thousands of gold in this market. Unfortunately this market is no longer as profitable as it once was. Like many others I stockpiled a large amount of glyphs. At this time I am trying to sell these glyphs hoping to get back at least the cost of crafting them.

My second most profitable market has been the jewelcrafting market. I have also made large amounts of gold by crafting PVP gear. Although I sell fewer transmog items than other items the transmog gear has a higher return on investment than any other market. Typically I buy the gear from 10 silver to 10 gold and resell it at 500 gold.


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