Monday, April 16, 2012

Another Day

First I would like to congratulate Jim from PowerWord: Gold for hitting gold cap. As I finally hit gold cap yesterday I know how long the journey can be. I realize that I could have hit the cap much sooner if I weren’t such a collector of everything and was able to suppress my impulse to buy all the new “shinnies” in the game.

I've always wondered what I would “feel” once I hit gold cap. Along the way I swore that once I hit cap I would take a break from the AH for a while. However once I hit cap I realized that it wasn’t everything that I expected. Yes, I did feel a small amount of satisfaction but not the great sense of achievement that I expected. As I logged in to the game today to repost my auctions I realized that I don’t want to take a break. It made me reconsider my position that gold cap was the completion of my journey. Now I know that it was nothing more than a benchmark on my journey in this game.

I now know why others continue to reach double and even triple gold cap. It not about reaching a “final” goal or completing a task. Its about the journey. How we attempt to reach our goal is more important than actually reaching it.

When I first started this blog it was my intention to make a minimum of two posts a week. That lasted for about five or six months. Lately I haven’t been posting as much. The truth is that I didn’t have much new to say. However I have now received my MoP beta invite and will have some new information soon.