Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Patch Day 1

Patch Day 1

With the new patch being released today many people will be confused by the new talent trees and the new glyph systems. Below are some links that show different options to assist you in making informed decisions to re-talent your toons. While not all classes and specs are listed I hope this will help many in choosing the best builds. Please note that all these current builds are PvE only. If you know of other guides please feel free to leave a link in the comments section.

Here is a good post on glyphs:

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Preparation for Patch

Preparation for Patch

The pre-patch will be released on Tuesday, August 28th. This is the final patch in preparation for Mists of Panderia. This patch will introduce us with the Battle of Theramore as a lead up to the release of MoP. While little is know about the exact details of the upcoming battle we do know that there will be several changes to the game that will be implemented in this patch.

The changes that will be made in this patch will be in preparation for MoP. The new talent trees will be implemented at this time. Also the new glyph changes will also be available. This will enable players to get used to the new system prior to the MoP release next month.

Also possible changes in this patch are the removal of relic slots and ranged weapons for all toons. Hunters will still be able to use ranged weapons however they will now be a main-hand weapon. Mages will still be able to use wands but these will also switch to main-hand weapon. However we are not certain if these changes will be made in the pre-patch or if they will be made in the release of MoP.

One of the changes that we do know is coming is to the Ink Vendor. The ink vendor is used by inscriptionists to trade Blackfallow ink for other types of inks. When the patch hits on Tuesday the ink vendor will be changed to accept only Ink of Dreams instead of Blackfallow Ink. Since Ink of Dreams will not be available to us until MoP this will create a shortage of ink used for inscription.

What most bloggers are recommending is that people mill Cata herbs for Blackfallow Ink and use these to trade for lesser inks prior to the patch release. This will enable you to create a stockpile of inks that will be needed to carry your inscription into the release of MoP and maby a week or two after.

At this time, I, like many others, have used this method to stockpile thousands of inks. People will continue to due this right up until the patch goes live. Or more accurately, when the servers go down Monday night.

While this information is important for inscriptionists, we, as goblins, must ask how we can profit from this. Remember that while many people are using this method to stockpile ink many others will over look the changes until it is too late. We can profit from these people.

If ink is no longer tradeable then the only way to create lesser inks is by milling pre-Cata herbs. This gives us the opportunity to buy cheap herbs now to re-sell after the patch. I would recommend buying cheap herbs, inks, and pigments off the auction house. Then be prepared to buy out the auction house on Monday night. Remember to stay away from Cataclysm herbs as these will no longer be as useful after the patch. Once the patch hits relist these items for obscene profits.

Good luck,