Sunday, October 7, 2012

Unique find yields massive XP

Unique find yields massive XP

For those of you questing and leveling in Townlong Steppes there is an item worth searching for. Amber Encased Moth is a gray item that can be found laying on the ground in Dusklight Hollow at coordinates 66.86. It can be found at those coordinates, behind a tree, up against the cliff wall. Just look for the little sparkles coming up from the ground.

While this gray item sells to vendors for 105 gold the real reason to search for it is the XP granted from looting it. At my current level of 88 looting it granted me 751,000 experience. This xp boost definitely makes it worth finding.

Reading the comments from WoWhead shows that the amount of experience granted seems to vary. Some players reported experience granted from as low as 354,000 xp to as high as 862,400xp granted. It is unknown by me at this time if the amount of xp granted is set to some type of scale or simply RNG.


Look behind the tree near the wall
This area is the location for the quest Thieves and Troublemakers where you are required to kill Agitated Nettleskins and collect Volatile Dread Orbs. So when undertaking these quests be sure to look behind every tree.

I have returned to the same site twice and have not been able to locate the item again. So I don’t know if it can be farmed or not. Once it has been looted I do not know what the respawn timer is. I will continue to return to the location and will update this post if I am able to locate it again on the same toon.

Please leave a comment if you have been able to locate it and let us know how much experience it granted you. Also leave a comment letting us know what the respawn timer is or if you know if it is farmable multiple times on the same toon.