Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Planning for Success

We never plan to fail. We simply fail to plan. To be a successful gold maker in WoW we must always have a plan. We must always be looking forward for the next opportunity. Have you made a plan for future profits or have you failed to plan?

A gold maker in the game must always be looking to the future. Making plans on the best ways to profit. Below is a list of events in the World of Warcraft that you should be planning for.

Darkmoon Faire (Shattrath) November 6 – November 12

Depending on the release of Patch 4.3 this Darkmoon Faire may be the last appearance of the “old” faire before the “new” faire is implemented. Check out my previous post Darkmoon Faire Changes for items you should stockpile before the change. Tip: Remember to spend all your Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets as they will go gray and be unusable in the new faire.

Pilgrim's Bounty November 20 – November 26

I recommend stockpiling a large amount of Shoveltusk Flank and Northern Spices before this event arrives. Shoveltusk Flank is used to create Tracker Snacks which, though not required, are extremely helpful to complete the quest The Turkinator. These sell for huge profits during this event. If you do not have Recipe: Tracker Snacks now would be a great time to pick it up. It can be learned from the cooking trainer in Dalaran for 3 Dalaran Cooking Awards obtained from the cooking dailies. Mages will be able to make a large sum of gold during this event due to players needing ports to all the major faction cities to complete the daily quests. Be sure to check out WoWheads Guide for full details on this event. Remember to pick up all 5 seasonal cooking recipes for your cooking achievement. Tip: If you haven’t leveled cooking on your main or alts this would be an excellent time. The cooking dailies allow you to level cooking from 1-300 in about an hour for just a few gold.

Patch 4.3 (Release Date Unknown)

Check out my previous post Prepairing for Patch 4.3 for a list of items I recommend stockpiling for the new patch. Basically all crafting mats, all volatiles and chaos orbs. Remember, even if your not a crafter you can make a profit selling to those that are. Tip: Keep an eye on your Valor and Justice points. After the patch all VP will be downgraded to JP so make sure the combined totals do not exceed the JP cap.

WoW's 7th Anniversary November 20 – December 4

Typically you log in during a WoW anniversary and you are awarded a pet and a Feat of Strength achievement.

Darkmoon Faire (Elwynn Forest) December 4 – December 10

If Patch 4.3 is not released in November then this will probably be the last chance at the old faire. Remember to take plenty of family photos and videos during your visit.

Feast of Winter Veil December 15 - January 2

One item you should be stockpiling for this event is Small Egg. Small eggs are used to create Gingerbread Cookies and Egg Nog which are required for achievements. Another item needed for quests is Deeprock Salt. Having a few of these on hand to sell is recommended. This event does require crafted materials for tailors to make red winter clothes and green winter clothes. These recipes require wool cloth and rune cloth. Leatherworkers can make winter boots requiring copper bar, wool cloth and rugged leather to craft. There are many ways to profit off this holiday event. I will post another blog on it when the event draws closer.

In Conclusion:

Nothing is guaranteed. The advice given in this post is based on my best knowledge and experience. However, lately, Blizzard has been making tweaks and changes to the Holiday Event quests. We cannot be certain that any of the information here will survive these changes. Caveat Emptor. If you notice any item which should be stockpiled prior to any of these events please post a comment below.


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  1. I'm hoping the quests get changed and revamped, since they tweaked the Hallow's End quests.

    Nice summary of the in game things coming up.

    Don't forget that Blizzard changed the Winter Veil start times last year, which cost a lot of players to lose out on that explosive first day of sales of small eggs.