Saturday, September 10, 2011

Darkmoon Faire Changes

Blizzard has announced new changes to Darkmoon Faire coming in Patch 4.3.

4.3 Preview - The All New Darkmoon Faire

Gold makers should look to this to expect what changes will be gold making opportunities. At this time there is too little information to make an informed decisions, however, we can take a guess at what opportunities may exist. One staple gold making opportunity that always occurs with the faire is the ability to buy BOE pets.

Flik is a small green kid that runs around the faire He sells two pets. A Tree Frog Box which is unlimited in availability and a Wood Frog Box which is a limited sale item. Typically I will buy several of each of these and sell them during times when the faire is not around. However, with the coming of Darkmoon Faire 4.3 there is no guarantee that this vendor will remain at the faire. Therefore I will be stockpiling a large number of these before the patch, just in case. This is a low level risk as these do sell steadily year round.

Another pet is available in the Faire. This is a BOP pet called jubjub. This pet can be obtained from an NPC at the faire called Morja. This quest requires two Dark Iron Ale Mugs which can be acquired from The Grim Guzzler inside Blackrock Depths.

There is no guarantee if these pet vendors will remain in Darkmoon Faire 4.3 but it would be prudent to get them just in case. If they do remain the pets can be sold over time for a decent profit. If they are removed then the price of the pets will skyrocket for those who had the foresight to stockpile them.

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