Sunday, September 11, 2011

Repping for Gold (Intro)

There are many factions in WoW in which a player can earn reputation. Some of these factions sell items based upon your reputation with that faction. The vendors items vary widely. Many are useless in making gold in the game but not all. In this series of posts I will focus on gaining reputations with specific factions that will allow you to purchase items which can help you to make gold in game.

This is the first of several posts that will focus on reputation vendor items. Most of the items I will be covering are recipes and patterns. They cover all the crafting professions. The recipes are almost exclusively BOP and the value of the crafted items will vary by server. Please check your individual server Auction House or check the Undermine Journal to determine which factions and items would serve you best. While most of the crafted armor and weapon sets used to be useless to make gold, the advent of Transmogrification makes some of these sets potential gold makers.

It is my intent in these posts to offer you, the reader, with specific information on each faction, its vendor items, and instructions or resources for leveling your reputation in the easiest, quickest, most affordable way.

They Nerfed What?

As a long time player of WoW I am familiar with the term “Rep Grinding”. This term brings me back to the horrible experiences I suffered through at the beginning of Burning Crusade. I first started playing WoW during this expansion. After leveling my main, a mage, through BC I decided to go back to the Vanilla content and raise my reputation with those factions. My first choice was the Thorium Brotherhood. I have few memories of this, mostly bad. I do remember that it took me over three months to reach exalted status. The grind was long and painful. I do remember, vividly, the joy of finally hitting my goal. At that time I swore I would never rep grind another toon through that again.

Unfortunately I suffer from a major problem. Actually many problems. I am not only an altoholic but I am also a completest. Being an altoholic is not too bad. It has enabled me to level multiple toons and that has allowed me to to obtain all the professions. It is the “completest” part that is the problem. I want all the recipes available for my professions; and I mean ALL of them. I have spent tens of thousands of gold on the auction house buying out recipes. Unfortunately this will only get you the BOE recipes. For the BOP, you are on your own.

A while back I decided that I needed to get my blacksmith to exalted with the Thorium Brotherhood so I could obtain the blacksmithing recipes I took my time to prepare myself. I bought large amounts of reputation turn-in items off the auction house. I took a deep breath and plunged into BRD to begin the grind. I was prepared to begin my rep grin from neutral to exalted I expected it would take one to two weeks, depending on the time I spent on it.

I started at neutral. I began turning in items. I hit exalted in one minute. ONE MINUTE????

What???? Little did I know that at some point Blizzard nerfed the rep grind for all Vanilla factions. No longer does it take weeks and months to gain exalted status with these factions. Thorium Brotherhood? Exalted in one minute. Timbermaw Hold? Exalted in one hour. Cenarian Circle? One to two hours. While this makes it easier for Vanilla rep grind the bad news is that BC, Wrath, and Cata rep grinds are still difficult. Fortunately I will try to show you the easiest way to achieve these too.

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  1. Hey just wanted to say thanks for putting this series up. I am a completest as well and have been putting off the rep "grinds" because I share the bad memories of the drudgery. Can't wait to read the rest and get started now!