Monday, September 5, 2011

Why this blog exists

About me:

I started playing WoW shortly after the release of Burning Crusade. During that time I leveled 2 toons to max level with two more toons started. At this time I have ten toons with six at maxed level. I have maxed out all the professions including the secondaries. I began to raid in Karazhan and continued into Wrath and beyond.

Towards the end of Wrath I began to become interested in gold making in the game. I started out by reading all the blogs I could find. One blog would lead me to another and so on. At this time I read about fifteen blogs that I consider to be high quality with useful content. In addition I listen to about ten WoW podcasts. Half of these are gold related with the rest relating to the casual aspects of the game.

After reading so many blogs I began to realize that I had ideas that may be useful to the community. I considered submitting guest blogs to the sites that I frequented. At the time I did not know if I had it in me to write enough articles to create my own blog. However after reading a post from a blogger that I admire I decided to make the attempt. Only time will tell if it is successful or not.

Thanks to flux of Power Word: Gold for providing the inspiration.

Why this blog was created:

While I have been thinking about writing articles for some time now the real causative was created when trying to teach another guildie about how to earn gold. This new player had just reached level 85 on his first toon. One day he asked me to teach him how to make gold in the game. This started a conversation that lasted for about two weeks. In the end we both walked away in futility. He walked away because I wouldn’t tell him what he wanted to hear. I walked away because he wouldn’t hear what I was trying to tell him.

I continued to think about our conversations for a long time later. Trying to reason out what went wrong. I knew I was trying to help this new player but I had failed. Perhaps I was supplying him with too much information for a novice. The truth is that even now I'm not sure. This blog is an attempt not only for me to teach but also to learn.

A Common Misconception:

When new people enter the gold making community they seem to believe that there is a “Secret” to making gold. They want to learn the “Secret” and are sure that as soon as they learn it they will begin to start earning thousands of gold per hour. The truth is there is no “Secret”, there is only the “Grind”. This is the ability to play the auction house with persistence, knowledge, and patience. This is what this blog is about. To teach, to inspire, to inform.

Welcome to The Auction House Grind.

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