Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The New Darkmoon Faire Patch 4.3 {PTR}

The new Darkmoon Faire has arrived on the PTR. After checking it out for a few days I am able to tell you about it. First I would like to applaud Blizzard for a job well done. The revamp of the Faire is excellent. The graphics are awesome.

The first thing you do when entering the faire is to purchase a bag of Darkmoon Game Tokens. These are the currency required to play the games. There are three types of quests in the faire. They are daily quests, regular quests and profession quests. As stated the daily quests can be completed every day the faire is active. The regular quests and profession quests can only be completed once per month.

The daily quests are easy and brainless. Throw three rings around a moving turtle, use a tonk to blow up x number of targets, etc. The regular quests are fairly easy except one or two. Most can be completed in a few minutes without leaving the faire. The profession quests are very easy and most can be completed in a few minutes without leaving the faire.

The majority of profession quests have all the necessary materials provided for them by the quest givers. However there are a few that require additional materials to complete that are not available at the faire. They are:

Alchemy - Moonberry Juice x5

Archeology - Fossil Fragments x15

Cooking - Simple Flour x5

Inscription - Light Parchment x5

Leatherworking - Coarse Thread, Shiny Baubles, Blue Dye

Tailoring - Course Thread, Red Dye, Blue Dye

If you are planning on completing these quests remember to bring these materials with you before entering the faire. There are no vendors that supply these items on the island.

I'm not going to go into too much detail on these quests and achievements as they have been reported elsewhere. Please check the section below titled “Additional Resources” for specific details and instructions on them.

What is still there

In my previous post Darkmoon Faire Changes I recommended that players stock up on the pets provided by the vendors Flik and Morja. At this time I can confirm that both vendors are still in the game and all pets are available. Also still available is the vendor for the Darkmoon Faire Card Deck turn-ins. Sayge is still giving out his fortunes.

What isn’t there

While the old quest givers remain all the old quests are gone. If you are holding onto any of the old quest turn-ins I recommend you sell them off now. Items such as glowing scorpid blood, evil bat eye, torn bear pelt, dense grinding stone, and others will be useless after the patch. Also Blizzard promised us new profession recipes in Darkmoon Faire but these have yet to appear. This is not unusual for new recipes to be excluded from the PTR.

What is new

Heirloom items can now be purchased with Darkmoon prize tickets. Old vanilla replicas are available for purchase at the faire. New vanity items. Many new pets. New pet obtained from fishing Sea Pony. Check out the links at the bottom for details on all the new items and gear.


Deathmatch Pavilion aka Thunderdome. While the Darkmoon Faire is a sanctuary preventing PvP fighting, the Deathmatch pavilion is an arena style area for PvP action. The arena looks just like “Thunderdome” from the Mad Max movie. It is set up to be a free-for-all fight. That means alliance v alliance, horde v horde, and alliance v horde fighting is allowed. I don’t know what Blizzard intended when they created this arena but what they got was insanity with a dose of madness added in. In short.... I love this place. It is by far my favorite place in the faire. In theory you fight other players for a chest that rewards pieces needed to create a ilvl 365 trinket Pit Fighter or an ilvl 378 trinket Master Pit Fighter. In reality this place is chaos. Imagine 50 people trapped in a dome, attacking each other, no strategy, anything goes. Simply! The arena does allow players to party up. The expected life span of a solo player here is about 10 seconds. Teaming up with others is recommended. On the PTR players tend to team up along faction lines and attack players of the opposing faction. On my particular PTR realm the alliance tends to hold and dominate the arena. (Yay Alliance) Mostly because the alliance outnumbers horde on this server. This should be insane on live servers. I cant wait...

Important Information

Although I am unable to confirm it (already being exalted) rumor is that the quests now award Darkmoon Faire rep above revered all the way to exalted. In the past a player would be able to gain faire rep to revered by doing quests. After that the only way to level rep from revered to exalted was by turning in Darkmoon Faire Decks. An expensive and time consuming task.

Remember to pick up your Darkmoon Field Guide. This item is required for you to pick up items and quests outside Darkmoon Faire. Note: This item was originally called Darkmoon Adventurers Guide but the name was changed in a recent PTR build.

There are many tents in the faire that are blocked off and not open for business. This implies that Blizzard expects to add new features and/or vendors in future patches and expansions.

Death Knight starter gear will be available from a vendor in the Death Knight starting area, not Darkmoon Faire.

Gold Making in the Darkmoon Faire

Unfortunately we are not presented with many options to make gold in the faire. While some people on the PTR have begun to sell profession necessary items (Flour, Moonberry Juice, Light Parchment, etc) on the island during the faire for huge profits it is unlikely this will be profitable on the live servers. The replica armor, pets and mounts purchasable in the faire are currently BoP. While this might change in the Panderia expansion it doesn’t help us now. The only advice I have is to save your faire tickets in hope the pets become unbound in the next expansion.

Additional Resources:

Special Note

Blizzard never gives the release date for their patches. Current speculation puts the release date between the end of November to the beginning of January. However with Blizzards recent announcement that the current arena season will end November 15th leads me to believe that it will be sooner rather than later. My guess is that we will see the patch before the end of November.

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