Monday, November 14, 2011

Functionality of Add-Ons in Patch 4.3

The first thing we've come to expect in a new patch is that add-ons break. Sometimes this can be fixed simply by checking the “Load out of date add-ons” box in the “Addons” button at the character load screen. However this does not always work. Some add-ons simply refuse to function after the patch. The developers of many add-ons are very quick to release updates after the patch. We can expect many of these to have updates waiting for us on patch day. Others will take days or weeks to be updated. Some never will be updated and will be thrown on the heap of old and forgotten add-ons.

I decided to check the viability of add-ons on the PTR. The purpose of which is to see which add-ons will continue to function after the patch without updates. While it is impossible for me to check all add-ons I will try to check as many as I can. This however is not meant to be an all-inclusive list. I intend to update this list as time goes by to keep my readers informed. The post will be edited and updated as new information is presented.

All tested add-ons will be given one of four grades:

Working: Add-on has full pre-patch functionality. No problems noticed.

Buggy: Add-on had some working features with other features not working properly or at all.

Broken: Add-on has completely ceased to work. An attempt to use this add-on may crash the game or caused significant game lag.

Unknown: Add-on cannot be tested on the PTR due to technical difficulties.

  • AuctioneerBroken Unable to search, scan or post auctions. Breaks dependent add-ons.
  • AuctionatorBuggy Able to search and post auctions only. While scanning and posting auctions add-on is unable to locate competitor buyout price.
  • Trade Skill Master Buggy This add-on is almost fully functional except when it comes to posting. Dependent on other add-ons for full functionality it is unable to locate competitor auctions (Buyout pricing) thus all auctions are posted at ceiling.
  • Accountant - Working
  • My Sales - Working
  • The Undermine JournalUnknown   Not sure why but I am unable to get TUJ to install or update on PTR. Any advice would be appreciated.
  • Dominos - Working

  • Tbag - Working
  • Postal - Working

  • Advanced Tradeskill Master - Working
  • Ackis Recipe List - Working
  • Lil' Sparkys Workshop – Buggy Add-on appears to be functioning but it is dependent on a broken add-on for prices.
  • Panda - Working

  • Healium - Working
  • Healbot - Working

  • Omen - Working
  • Decursive - Working
  • Deadly Boss Mods - Working

  • Mage Nuggets - Working
  • Spellflash – Buggy Arcane Mage and Prot Paladin appear to be working however the Druid and Priest modules appear broken.

I will be checking out other add-ons in the next few days. If anyone can assist me please send me the add-on info by e-mail or leave a comment below.


  1. Also handy for Healing: Vuhdo is working.

  2. Your wrong about TSM.
    I worked with the maker of the addon and the new Versions are completly working on the PTR now.