Wednesday, September 19, 2012

MoP and Brewfest

MoP and Brewfest
With Mists of Panderia set to release on 9/25 Blizzard has pushed back the start of Brewfest by one week. Originally slated to run 9/20 – 10/5 it has been changed to run 9/28 – 10/13. The purpose of this change is to allow players additional time to level their characters before the event.

While Brewfest will remain generally unchanged after the expansion, the boss fight of Coren Direbrew has been upgraded. The boss is now level 90 and your toon must be a minimum of level 89 to queue for the dungeon.

While we do not have a full list of loot items this boss will be dropping the people over at mmo-champion have managed to data-mine a single item.

Brawler's Statue appears to be a level 90 trinket similar to last years level 85 trinket Brawler's Trophy.

We can only assume we will see level 90 upgrades to last years trinkets.

While last years boss fight had the chance to drop two weapons Direbrew's Bloodied Shanker and Tremendous Tankard O' Terror we do not know if we will get weapon drops from this years event.

While Blizzard has given us three days between the expansion and Brewfest it will still be a race for many to level up in time. Current estimates from beta and PTR indicate that most toons can be leveled from 85-90 in 20-25 hours of play time. So assume a dedicated player can reach level 89 in 15-20 hours. Not really a problem if you only have one 85. Major problem if you, like me, have multiple level 85's that you want the trinkets for. Remember you have only one attempt per day at the boss fight. Even then the trinket you want may not drop. Also you have four other players in the group you have to roll against for the trinket. (Yes, I know, last year two trinkets dropped per boss fight, but that is still no guarantee)

The point that I am trying to make is that you are going to have to make some difficult decisions. Getting one toon to level 89 in time for the holiday event is no problem. Getting eight toons to level 89 is near impossible. So for those of you who have multiple level 85's you are going to have to make a decision as to which of you characters you will attempt to level in time to get a new trinket. Blizzard has left us in a bind with this one. Even though we have 3 days before the event starts, along with the event lasting 16 days, trying to level too many toons at once will leave players burned out. Not to mention possibly unemployed, divorced, and friendless.

I plan on trying to level at least 4 toons to level 89 in time for Brewfest. If you plan on leveling multiple toons then I wish you luck.


  1. "Remember you have only one attempt per day at the boss fight. " ?? This is new...

    We farmed the crap out of that fight over and over and over again in the same day until our trinket dropped. Is this a new change?? If so where is it documented. Thanks

  2. I believe what the post suggested is that we only have one chance to get "Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest" per day. (Which contained the shanker and Kodo mount.)

    We can still que up and fight the boss for trinket loot as many times as you want per day.