Monday, September 17, 2012

The Battle for Theramore

The Battle for Theramore

Tomorrow, Tuesday, September 18, marks the first world event that will proceed the release of the Mists of Pandaria expansion. Expected to be released after maintenance the exact time is unknown. This week will be the only time the event is available to level 85 players. After the expansion release the event will only be accessible at level 90.

This event will be the first battle of the upcoming expansion between the Alliance and Horde. Spoiler alert: ((The Horde wins)). Each side will be required to complete five quests for the event. The event will require players to join in groups of three. While no specifics have been given, there does not appear to be a specific role requirement for the groups. Thus there should be no problems finding a group without waiting to find a tank or healer. Players will be able to group with friends or simply join a group through dungeon finder.

While Blizzard has not announced if players will be able to get loot drops from kills, we do know that there will be faction specific rewards for completing all quests in the event. These rewards are Theramore Tabard for the Alliance and Mini Mana Bomb for the Horde.

I'll see everyone there.

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