Thursday, September 6, 2012

MoP + DMF = Petmas

MoP + DMF = Petmas

Over the past few months I have been advising friends and guildies to stockpile their Darkmoon Fair tokens. The original plan was to see if the Darkmoon pets would become tradeable come MoP. From the beta and PTR we now know that while the pets are still listed as BoP they can be learned then caged for resell on the AH.

Therefore if you have any DMF tokens saved up, now is the time to buy the pets, as this will be the last faire before the release of Mists. As to which pets to choose? I'll leave that up to your own tastes. Personally I'm sticking with Darkmoon Cub Darkmoon Monkey and Darkmoon Turtle .

I'm not sure if the fishing pet Sea Pony can be caged and sold but if it can this would be a good time investment to farm. I imagine there would be a high demand and low supply for these.

Also don’t forget to keep scanning your auction house for rare battle pets. These can still be purchased for relatively cheap prices to flip after the release of MoP. Check out Colds post for all the info Companion Pets Turning To Rare Battle Pets.

Good Luck.

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