Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Patch 5.2 First Week of Sales

Patch 5.2 First Week of Sales

The first week after the patch turned out to be a decent profit. My preparation of stocking mats appear to be accurate. Generally I stocked up heavily on leather, just enough cloth to meet my personal crafting needs, and stayed away from the metals market.

Just before server shutdown I bought out all gems and reset the gem market. I was able to buy out all cut and uncut gems for very low prices. I re-listed cut gems at 500 gold per and uncut gems at 750 gold per. These began to be undercut almost immediately after server restart but the prices generally stayed above the 250 gold mark for about three days allowing me to turn a huge profit. I did expect a surge in buying of gems but, if anything, I appear to underestimated the demand. It is now over a week after the patch and I am having a hard time keeping up with the continuing demand for gems.

Before server restart I crafted multiples of all enchant scrolls. I then bought out key enchants to reset prices. Also with this market I underestimated the demand. My supply of scrolls sold out within two days and my supply of raw materials were used up by the end of the week. I am now forced to buy mats off the auction house which decreases my profits. However the initial demand has yielded me huge profits. I am now limited to crafting only the highest priced, most profitable, scrolls.

Of all my auction sales I am most disappointed with the crafted weapons. I made two of all the crafted ilvl 463weapons and only two out of ten have sold. Also the inscribed fans, off-hands, have remained on the auction house and have not been sold even after being discounted.


My enhancements have been selling faster than I can craft them. Belt buckles, leg armors, spellthreads, and shoulder enchants are difficult to keep on the auction house for long. Even with stiff competition the sales are so fast that prices remain strong even now.

I crafted several pieces of ilvl 476 and ilvl 496 armor expecting an uptick in demand by buyers to meet the ilvl 480 requirement for LFR. I was surprised to see more sales in the 476 market than the 496 market. With the drop in prices of blood spirits and the resulting drop in prices of the 496 gear I expected the opposite would be true.

The sales of the crafted PvP Contenders gear is still strong. With the slow release of the Crafted Dreadful Gladiators gear both markets are showing decent sales. Once the patch hit and people began learning the ilvl 458 gear these items began showing up on the market. With new items most sellers tend to underestimate the true value of their items. Thus I was able to buy up many under priced pieces of armor and re-list them for huge profits. Still many people tend to list items at ridiculous low prices tanking the market. This is most seen in the cloth market. I am buying up a decent stockpile of these now because once these temporary sellers leave the market I doubt prices will be this low again.

Two additional markets I am involved in are ilvl 417 armor and transmog gear. Item level 417 rare gear is the best gear for level 85 toons. This gear has the highest equipable stats for 85's and will carry a player through the leveling process with gear that will not be replaced till level 88. Thus this gear is highly sought after by players trying to level their alts as quickly and easily as possible. I expected to see a drop in sales as players focused on the new content. I was pleasantly surprised to see no drop in sales in both of these markets.

All in all the patch was a decent profit maker for me. With approximately 150,000 gold in sales means I made about 100,000 gold in profit. Not a bad take for one week. With the new raids being slowly phased in for LFR I expect a continued strong market for enhancements, enchants and gems. Also with the slow lead in to the crafted PvP armor market should bring good profits. I expect the plate gear and new weapon recipes should be available within a week or two and will plan accordingly for these markets. All told I'm very happy with the patch and expect the auction house market will be viable for quite some time.




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