Friday, January 27, 2012


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

So there I was, listing auctions on the AH waiting for my LFR queue to pop. Little did I know the horrible tradegy that was unfolding beneath me. Super-heated atoms spreading their deadly thermal destruction across my chip set. Slowly proceeding without any warning. Like a time bomb ticking down. Waiting to destroy my computer, my life, and my general good attitude.

I will attempt to protect you, the reader, from the resulting anger, confustion, and emotional breakdown that followed. My baby, my pride and joy, was dead.  Some would say "Hey, it just a computer" but no, it was more. Much more. Crafted out of love, each part assembled by my own two hands. The amount of time, effort, and no small amount of money that went into making the perfect computer.

So here I sit on a crappy laptop borrowed from a friend. Wondering where I will find the funds to rebuild my baby. It can be repaired. We have the technology..... The technology, yes, the funds, not so much.

So, dear readers, I must announce that I am afk for a few more days. Pleading my case to my financial benefactors (sisters) in hopes of procuring the necessary materials (tons of cash) to rebuild what has been destroyed.

Never fear, I will return. Until then I'm AFK, BRB.



  1. Good Luck with the repair. I hope that the NPC dont charge too much and so you can back soon.

    I will miss your articles, but i can live without them for a time :)

    PS: My english is terrible, so forgive a Brazilian newbie in other languages.


  2. Hey hey Jaf. Sorry to hear what happened. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Regards. Endo